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Car Camera Weekly Special

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Car Camera Touch Screen

NEW Car Camera

Drive Proof - Car Camera

Record Cell Phone Calls

Advanced Call Recording

GPS Real-Time Locator

Miniature Tracking System
Real Time GPS Locator

Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

AC Adaptor Cord Camera

Self Contained Hidden Camera


AC Adaptor Line Camera

Silver Cloud GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Month to Month Plans
No Long Term Contracts.
Live GPS Tracker

Polarion Abyss

Search Light
Polarion Abyss Searchlight
Military Grade Searchlight Portable and Waterproof
Abyss Searchlight

Peep Hole Viewer

Door privacy viewing
Peep Hole Viewer
Peephole Viewer

Executive Signal Safe

Block Cell Phone Signals
Block Cell Phone Signals - Protect Privacy
Block cell phone signals to protect privacy.



Body Camera - Top 8 Features

When it comes to buying a body camera for surveillance in your business or home environment, there are some definite features to look out for. This list will give you a quick overview of the top eight standard body camera features and why you might want to choose one over another.

1. Color versus Black and White:

Depending on your acceptable price range, different body cameras will offer color or black and white video. Color generally gives you higher quality details in a video, whereas black and white requires less video storage space.

2. Day and Night Vision:

Some body cameras will change settings depending on whether it is the day or the night. During the day the body camera will film in color and at night it will switch to black and white, since this gives more detailed video information with the amount of light.

3. Wide Dynamic:

Sometimes a single angle can require filming a wide range of different lights for a simple body camera, like a very bright corner and a very dark corner. With a body camera that provides a wide dynamic you can calibrate the camera to film both types of light without adjusting anything.

4. Infrared Sensitive:

Some body cameras allow infrared light that is present in a room to be video taped. This light is then useful in dark places to illuminate without adding more traditional lighting sources.

View: Body Cameras

5. Verifocus Lenses:

Body camera verifocus lenses give the camera zoom capability. If you want to be able to control the zoom on your body camera then it is highly recommended to get a verifocus lens, which can be adjusted from the command station.

6. Auto Iris:

Body cameras now provide new types of lenses, called auto iris lenses, that will squint depending on light sources. The idea is that to continue filming in changing light environments the lens will close up its iris, just like your eyes would.

7. Outdoor Housing:

If you plan on putting your body camera outside, then you should seriously consider buying an accompanying outdoor housing unit. The outdoor housing for a body camera resembles a small house or case, which covers it from the elements and can provide heat or cooling in varying climates.

8. Separate Lenses and Mounts:

One last thing to consider when buying a body camera is that most cameras come with separate lenses and mounts. When choosing your lenses and mounts remember that the prices will be in addition to the main body camera itself.

Car Camera - FULL HD
Car Camera

Car Camera Drive Proof DP210

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