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Car Camera Weekly Special

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Car Camera Touch Screen

NEW Car Camera

Drive Proof - Car Camera

Record Cell Phone Calls

Advanced Call Recording

GPS Real-Time Locator

Miniature Tracking System
Real Time GPS Locator

Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

AC Adaptor Cord Camera

Self Contained Hidden Camera


AC Adaptor Line Camera

Silver Cloud GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Month to Month Plans
No Long Term Contracts.
Live GPS Tracker

Polarion Abyss

Search Light
Polarion Abyss Searchlight
Military Grade Searchlight Portable and Waterproof
Abyss Searchlight

Peep Hole Viewer

Door privacy viewing
Peep Hole Viewer
Peephole Viewer

Executive Signal Safe

Block Cell Phone Signals
Block Cell Phone Signals - Protect Privacy
Block cell phone signals to protect privacy.



Hat Camera - How to Make The Most of Yours

Whether you’re trying to capture some footage without holding a camera in your hands, or you’re going undercover and need video evidence - the hat camera is for you! But if you don’t know all of the benefits and details of how to make the most of your covert hat camera then you might end up missing out on the benefits of owning and using a hidden hat camera.

Hat Cameras For Every Occasion

Hat cameras are useful for many different people and in different situations. You can use a hat camera when you are about to perform stunts, during sports games, or if you want to capture your vacation without worrying about wires and cameras making you look like a tourist. You can definitely use a covert hat camera if you are part of a drug task force, if you are performing a private investigation or if you need to record some footage that could protect you in a legal case. These are all valid uses for a covert hat camera.

View: Hat Cameras

How a Hat Camera Works

The hat camera is essentially a small lightweight camera that is placed inside of a hat. Often times the hat itself looks like a baseball cap but it could also be different styles of hats like a beret or a top hat, depending on the situation. The camera lens it as small as a pinhole and it is at the front of the hat. The camera will record everything that you see, so you don’t need to worry about turning the camera to get the right angle. The hat camera can be battery operated and so the battery pack would be beneath the top of the cap. There are no wires or other necessary parts to the camera, the hat does it all!

Perks of a Covert Hat Camera

An undercover hat camera has many benefits from its ease of use, and small size. The hat camera is usually light weight, weatherproof, and records high quality video and audio. The hat camera is ideal when you do not want to bring attention to the fact that you are filming, and it works in many different settings and areas. It is completely silent and no one will know that you are recording a conversation while you wear it! It can also blend in nicely with your outfit, giving you a nice style while you take video footage of your surroundings!

Car Camera - FULL HD
Car Camera

Car Camera Drive Proof DP210

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