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Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

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Telephone Advanced Recorder
     Model: SCI-GTTR
     Suggested:  $199.99
     Our Price:  $169.99


Telephone recording, telephone recorder, telephone monitoring, surveillance equipment - JoyTel-2000ID

Telephone Recording System With Caller ID

The 2-way conversation telephone recorder with 2 lines LCD display in 16 characters represents the ultimate in telephone recording capability. Not only does this sleek unit clearly record both sides of a telephone conversation, while capturing and displaying all dialed telephone numbers, but it also identifies the name and number of the party calling you!1 Automatic recording enables the unit to start only when the phone is in use. The built-in LCD displays all data; caller’s name, incoming and outgoing dialed telephone numbers, as well as the date and the time of the call! This innovative model features two-speed recording.

Telephone Recording - Easy Plug & Play Operation.

You simply plug in the included phone cable into any phone outlet in your home. It doesn't matter which outlet you use, this recorder will automatically begin to record both sides of the conversation when the phone is engaged or picked up.

If you plug the telephone recorder into a phone outlet in the bedroom or study and the telephone used,  is in the downstairs bedroom, it will still record the conversation that took place in the downstairs bedroom.

When the conversation is over, the unit stops recording and you save valuable tape space and you eliminate listening to annoying silence. Power is supplied to the unit by one of two means. You can either use batteries (included) or an AC Adapter style power supply (included). 

We even include your first tape.

Uses standard audio tapes so replenishing tapes is not an issue. Please buy quality tapes to take advantage of the audio circuitry used in this recorder. This is a nice piece of technology but please use this device in a responsible manner. We accept no liability for the use of this equipment. Some states require both parties to consent to a recording of a conversation therefore it is the buyers and the users responsibility to monitor the legal use of this device. It is highly recommended that the purchaser seek legal professional advice if you are not fully aware of your Local, State, and Federal Laws.

DO NOT compare this model to "spy shop" modified units sold all over the WEB. This unit was manufactured for the sole purpose of two way automatic phone conversation recording . The quality is Leaps and Bounds above anything we've ever tested. With the improved voice reproduction you can record a "whisper".

The best telephone recording device With Caller ID available!

These units are the best telephone recorders on the market today with no exceptions. This four hour telephone recorder is not simply a "spy shop" or "gadget shop" modified recorder. Developed, engineered, and manufactured for automatic telephone recording. The audio circuitry is unequaled in the industry.

This model has an analog dampening circuit that completely eliminates unwanted line noise. No clicks, no hiss, no feedback. Compare the quality of this unit to any telephone recorder out there at any price. When you play back the conversation you will instantly be aware of the quality and attention to detail this company incorporated before producing this unit. This unit is as close to perfect as we can possibly imagine!



  • Telephone 2-way conversation recorder with 2 lines LCD display in 16 characters of dot matrix.
  • With Speed Control For Extending Tape Recording Time By Double Duration.
  • Workable with standard telephone, EPABX or PBX which has output 36V or 24V system.
  • Built-in "VOX" (Voice Activation) to be workable with any kind of key phones of EKTS System.
  • Workable with both Tone and Pulse Systems.
  • Auto - Record Outgoing called Telephone Number  - Incoming caller's Telephone Number. 2 -Way Telephone Conversation & Time Stamp (month/day/time) with LCD display. Meanwhile, whole data will be recorded into the cassette tape storage.
  • To record caller's Telephone Number & time stamp compatible with CALLER ID systems of "DTMF", "FSK", & "ETSI".
  • Recorded Telephone Number will be speech by voice IC in English automatically during tape in play mode.
  • Non-Record for the self-call in temporary by key in the pass code.
  • Record type selectable (To record in "NORMAL" status or "VOX" - Voice Activation or "TIMER" - 0~9 Minutes) by self program for saving space of cassette tape.
  • I/O mode selectable (To record all outgoing calls only or all incoming calls only or both of them) by self program saving space on cassette tape.
  • New data indication.
  • Auto Record Telephone Conversations.
  • Personal Normal Tape Recorder With "MIC" Built In.
  • Normal Cassette Tape Player.
  • Monitor.
  • Ear Jack Built In.
  • Power Source: Adaptor-DC 6V, 300 mA or UM-3 Battery X 4 pcs.



Telephone Advanced Recorder

Price: $169.99

   1. This feature requires Caller ID service as provided by telephone company.
   2. Requires name and number Caller ID service.


This recording device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Phone tapping and eavesdropping may be illegal in certain states. In no way will Spy Chest Inc or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.


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