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Car Camera Weekly Special

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Car Camera Touch Screen

NEW Car Camera

Drive Proof - Car Camera

Record Cell Phone Calls

Advanced Call Recording

GPS Real-Time Locator

Miniature Tracking System
Real Time GPS Locator

Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

AC Adaptor Cord Camera

Self Contained Hidden Camera


AC Adaptor Line Camera

Silver Cloud GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Month to Month Plans
No Long Term Contracts.
Live GPS Tracker

Polarion Abyss

Search Light
Polarion Abyss Searchlight
Military Grade Searchlight Portable and Waterproof
Abyss Searchlight

Peep Hole Viewer

Door privacy viewing
Peep Hole Viewer
Peephole Viewer

Executive Signal Safe

Block Cell Phone Signals
Block Cell Phone Signals - Protect Privacy
Block cell phone signals to protect privacy.



Motion Tracking Camera

Install a Motion Tracking Camera for Increased Security

If you need to protect your home or business, then chances are you've considered buying and installing a surveillance camera. Of all the surveillance cameras on the market, a motion tracking camera will give you the best bang for the buck. Once you’ve installed a motion tracking camera on your premises, you can immediately gain the benefits of having a smart camera watching your back.

Scares Thieves Away

Motion tracking cameras are great because they scare thieves away. History has shown that thieves shy away from places that have a security system. Since every day criminals are getting smarter, if they think that your camera won't see them, they will go ahead with their plans. But if they notice that your security camera is following their every move, they will simply turn around and leave. That's what a motion tracking camera can bring to your security strategy. Motion tracking cameras are smart, and will not easily be fooled by people who try to hide under camouflage or other covert equipment.

Reduces the Number of Security Personnel Required

Remember that thieves are less likely to break into your home or business when there is a camera watching them. Sometimes camera owners simply have the cameras recording, while no one is watching. Someone must be looking at the camera footage. Hiring a security guard to watch video screens can be costly. By installing a motion tracking camera, you can save money and still get the benefits of having a surveillance camera. In fact, you can get more benefits because the camera does the work of following the suspect automatically. If your security guard were to go on a break, the camera will continue to do its job.

Keeps its Eye on The Movement

Motion tracking cameras are great because they will detect motion and keep the target on screen. That means that any suspect who enters the field of view of a motion tracking camera will be more easily identified. Motion tracking cameras work by focusing in on motion, and then tracking the moving parts. Some motion detection cameras can even overcome fake motion that was meant to distract a camera. If someone threw a ball in front of the camera, to try to diverge its attention, the camera will realize that it has been tricked. It will then scan and find the person who threw the ball, and focus on this new and more obvious motion.

Car Camera - FULL HD
Car Camera

Car Camera Drive Proof DP210

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