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Drive Proof - Car Camera

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Advanced Call Recording

GPS Real-Time Locator

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Real Time GPS Locator

Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

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GPS Tracker
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Block cell phone signals to protect privacy.


Spectorsoft - Spector Pro - Computer Monitoring Software
     Suggested:  $149.95
     Our Price:  $99.95


 Spector Pro NEW! - Version 5.0Spector Pro Spy Software Includes:  Email, Chat/IM, Keystroke, Web Site & Snapshot Recording

Powerful Monitoring and Surveillance Software For Your PC

Spector Pro is the world's best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home, office or school. Spector Pro contains five recording tools that are combined into one powerful application that features: Email recording, Chat and Instant Message recording, Web Site recording, Keystroke recording and VCR-like snapshot recording. All five tools record simultaneously, secretly saving the data to a hidden location on the PC.

In addition to monitoring and recording, Spector Pro has an advanced warning system that will inform you when a PC being monitored has been used in an inappropriate manner. Through the use of keywords that you specify, Spector Pro will be "on alert", emailing you an immediate and detailed report of when, where and how a keyword was used - every time it is typed or appears on the PC, on a website or in an email.

Combine Email Recording, Chat/IM Recording, Web Site Recording, Keystroke Recording and visual Snapshot Recording with INTELLIGENT & INSTANT Notification when content you specify is encountered, and you have the most POWERFUL Monitoring and Surveillance software you can buy anywhere!


Tab Based Interface Makes For Easy Navigation
Spector Pro features a streamlined user interface. Access to your recorded data and program settings are just a single click away from anywhere in the program.

With the Spector Pro Email Recorder, a copy of every email sent or received is automatically saved to a hidden location on your PC..

Even when they delete their email, Spector Pro will keep a secret copy for you to review.

To review the email recordings, simply click on the Email tab and Spector Pro will list all of the incoming and outgoing emails. See whether the email was sent or received, who sent it, who received it, the Subject of the email, and the time and date the email was sent or received.

With a click of a button, all emails can be viewed by Sender, Recipient, Subject and Time/Date.

Click on a specific email, and you will see the contents of the email. With Spector Pro, you even have the option of recording email attachments.

Now, you can look at all the emails received on a particular date or all the emails sent to or received from a particular person, all with one or two clicks.

Spector Pro records Outlook email (Earthlink, Mindspring, MSN, etc...) and will capture AOL email. In addition, Spector Pro is the ONLY program available that will capture Internet based email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.


Email Recording Features

• Records SMTP/POP3 Email (Sent & Received)
• Records MS Exchange Email
• Records Hotmail Email
• Records Yahoo Email
• Records AOL Internet Email
• Records proprietary AOL Email*
• View/Open File Attachments

*Spector Pro will record AOL 6.0, AOL 7.0 and AOL 8.0 and now 9.0 email.


With the Chat Recorder built into Spector Professional Edition, chats and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. You simply click on the Chat button, and you will see a list of chat conversations.

Chat/Instant Message Recording captures popular chat and instant messaging services and provides you with a clear record of all conversations that have taken place. Both sides of chat conversations and instant messages are gathered and saved chronologically for your review.

Spector Pro is designed to record both sides of a conversation in AOL chat rooms, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.


Chat/Instant Message Recording Features

• Records AOL Chat Rooms
• Records AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
• Records MSN Instant Messenger
• Records ICQ
• Records Yahoo Messenger
• Print Chat/IM Transcripts

Spector Pro includes what many consider to be the BEST key logger on the market, saving keystrokes by application, by date and time.

With Spector Pro, you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because Spector Pro keeps a record of who is logged into the computer.

The Spector Pro Keystroke Recording tool will document every key typed on the PC keyboard. Spector Pro not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records "hidden" characters and keystroke combinations, such as the Shift and Ctrl key, as well as “true” keystrokes which may other-wise appear differently on screen (such as an * when a password is typed).

Keystroke recordings are organized chronologically by Application and by Window allowing you to easily differentiate between what is typed in a word processing document, email, spreadsheet, or Internet browser (even passwords).


Keystroke Recording Features

• Records ALL Typed Keystrokes
• Records Hidden Characters and True Keystrokes
• Data Stored Chronologically by Application and by Window
• Print Transcript of Keystrokes

The Web Site Recording tool continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a record of the URLs chronologically for your review. Spector Pro is much more sophisticated than the History feature of your web browser, providing you with important details including: Time of Last Visit, Duration of Time on the Web Site, Active Time on Web Site, Total Number of Visits to the Web Site and more!

Additionally, you can quickly highlight any recorded Domain Name or URL and choose to block future access – or – take preventative action and create your own list of web sites to block.

With Spector Pro’s advanced and intuitive Web Site recording, you will get a quick yet exact picture of each individuals web surfing.


Web Site Recording Features

• Record Domain Names and Specific URLs visited
• Block future access to URLs with a single click
• View Time of Visit to Web Site
• View Total Duration of Visit to Web Site
• View Active Time on Web Site
• View Total Number of Visits to Web Site
• Summary Reporting of Overall Web Usage
• Detailed Usage Reporting to drill down on specific Web Site

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor, filming away anything anybody does online, and storing this in a secure area for your later review. That is the idea behind the Snapshot Recording tool in Spector Pro.

Spector Pro takes hundreds of snapshots every hour, very much like a surveillance camera. Snapshots are taken of whatever is on the computer screen and saved away in a hidden location on the computer's hard drive. You determine how frequently Spector Pro records – as often as once per second.

That means you get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, emails typed and read, all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed – everything they do on the computer and on the Internet.

Is your employee emailing somebody using a Hotmail account? Spector Pro will take pictures of that, save it away, and allow you to come back minutes, hours or even days later and see EXACTLY what they were typing and reading and viewing.

Is your child having secret chat conversations with an adult stranger? What motives does the stranger have? Maybe they are good, but maybe they are bad, and you need to know. Spector Pro will take pictures of the chats and let you see exactly what they are discussing.

Reviewing the recordings is simple with easy to use, VCR-like controls. Click “PLAY” and the snapshots of your PC play back like a video recording. Skip ahead, instantly rewind, move to a specific date and time, print individual snapshots and more!

Snapshot Recording is simply the most powerful way to record and review everything they do online and offline.


Snapshot Recording Features

• VCR Style Playback
• Fast Forward
• Immediate Rewind
• Data Stored Chronologically
• Advanced Compression
• Inactivity Timeout
• Automatic Resume of Recording
• Automatic Suspension of Recording
• Black & White or Color Recording
• Export to BMP or JPEG formats
• Print any Saved Images


One of the most powerful features of Spector Pro is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification. Create a list of "on alert" words or phrases and Spector Pro will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, incoming and outgoing emails, chat conversations and instant messages for these offending words or phrases.

When a keyword or phrase is detected, Spector Pro immediately jumps into overdrive. Snapshot frequency is automatically increased to ensure that every detail of the offender’s actions are recorded. Additionally, Spector Pro collects information regarding the offense and sends you an instant keyword alert via email.

Each keyword alert contains the following information:

1. The keyword that was detected
2. The time the keyword was detected
3. The current user logged in to Windows
4. Additional detailed information (Example: the URL where the keyword was found)

You tell Spector Pro which words and phrases to watch out for - for example, "sex," "phone number," "where do you live," "are your parents home,"  "I hate my boss" - whatever YOU decide to include. You also tell Spector Pro where to send the INSTANT ALERTS (you specify your email address).

Then, when the person using the computer TYPES in one of these words or phrases, or when they are chatting and one of these words comes up, or when they are sending or receiving an email with one of these words or phrases, Spector Pro takes IMMEDIATE action and sends you an email letting you know exactly what is happening so you can take action.


Keyword Detection Features

• Quickly Define Keywords/Phrases to Monitor
• Instant Email Notification Upon Detection of Keyword/Phrase
• Works In Conjunction With Email, Web Site, Chat/IM, Keystroke and Snapshot Recording Tools
• Increased Snapshot Frequency Upon Keyword

Flexible Recording Options

Spector Pro can be set to record on a schedule. Most people will want Spector to record at all times. However, there may be certain times of day, or certain days of the week where you do not want Spector to record.

For example, you use the computer at certain times of the day and you do not want your own activities recorded. Or, you are an employer and you want to allow your employees to use the computer during lunch breaks or after work and not record their activity during these times.

Scheduling allows you the flexibility to pre-determine what is recorded and when recording takes place. Set recording schedules by day of the week, time of day or Windows application being used.

Record By User ID

Record ALL users or narrow your focus to a specific user or group of users. Spector Pro allows you to identify specific Windows User Login IDs (for Windows NT, 2000 or XP) so that whenever they are using the PC, their actions are being recorded. Combined with the Scheduling feature, you can record ANY user, ANYWHERE on your network, ANYTIME of the day or week.

Keep Spector Hidden From Everyone Except You

Spector Pro offers three levels of security that protect the program and recorded data from being altered or tampered with.

Security features include: Stealth Mode, Hot Key Access and Password Protection.

Stealth Mode

• Stealth technology ensures that Spector Pro is completely hidden from everyone except those with authorized access. It will not appear in the Windows System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs Menu.

Hot Key Access

• Your recordings are protected by a combination of Hot Keys that you choose. Spector Pro can only be accessed through your defined Hot Key combination.

Password Protection

• As an added measure of security, Spector Pro will prompt you for a password before opening the PC recording files. This ensures that anyone attempting to access the recordings is an authorized user.

Using Spector on a Network

Spector Professional Edition has a flexible data recording and retrieval structure which makes it an excellent tool for use over a corporate or small business network.

Simply install Spector on the networked PCs you wish to monitor. When you are ready to review the recordings, launch the Spector viewer from any PC. Next, select the specific PC that has been recorded on your network. Spector will automatically retrieve the recording data and load it into your Spector viewer.


Our products may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Phone tapping and eavesdropping may be illegal in certain states. In no way will Spy Chest Inc or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.


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Car Camera

Car Camera Drive Proof DP210

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