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Ultra high power wireless outdoor transmitter set is the must have video transmission system for long range video. This high power 1 watt wireless transmitter is protected in a weather resistant NEMA4 housing. Both wireless outdoor transmitter and outdoor receiver are manufactured with reliable and quality components assembled here in the United States.

Ultra High Power Transmitter
Wireless Outdoor Transmitter
Suggested Price: $1999.99
Price: $1469.99 Each



Ultra Long Range Outdoor Wireless Transmitter Set

This versatile system is perfect for outdoor ultra long range wireless video needs. Our wireless outdoor transmitter is easy to install and is preferred when quality dependable video is needed for distances up to 10 miles line of site.

Single-channel FCC approved Part 90 high power 10 mile line-of sight range 2.4GHz wireless video transmitter and 6dB receiver in outdoor NEMA4 housing with BNC and Direct 12VDC power.


  • 2.4 GHz Ultra High Power Transmitter (1 watt)
  • Matching 6dB Receiver
  • NEMA4 Protective Housing
  • 30 Feet Power Cable For Receiver
  • 30 Feet Cable (Power / Video) To Transmitter & Camera
  • AC/DC Power Supply of Transmitter
  • AC/DC Power Supply for Receiver
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty 


Ultra High Power Transmitter

RF Output Range 1 Watt
Channel Frequency 2463
Frequency Stability +/- 250 KHz, PLL Freq. Synthesizer
Current Draw 135 mA, max
Video Input NTSC 1Vpp, BNC Input Standard 75 Ohms
Operation Temp -30C to 60C
Dimensions 4" Wide X 4" High X 4" Deep
Antenna 6dB Built-in
FCC Status Approved 



RF Input 2411-2483 MHz (4 Channel Standard)
Frequency Stability +/- 250 KHz, PLL Freq. Synthesizer
Current Draw 135 mA, max
Video Output NTSC 1 Vpp, BNC Output Standard 75 Ohms
Operation Temp -30C to 60C
Dimensions 6" Wide X 6" High X 4" Deep
Antenna 6db Built-in
FCC ID Number Tested Under Part 15

Buy Yours TODAY!

Ultra High Power Transmitter Price: $1469.99  


Range can be affected and diminished due to operating environments. Obstructions such as steel walls, heavy concrete walls, fences, trees and other radio frequencies will effect range and over all performance. Other solid masses not listed may also diminish range. Range distance specified are based on true LOS (Line Of Site) in a controlled environment.

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